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Welcome to B.FILMS
The place where creativity meets excellence
We are the house of the Pekat specializes in creating content for businesses from the planning stage to the final product, so what is the process? 



Tango needs 2 

At this stage we will get to know you and your business in depth. We will understand what you are selling and to whom you are selling


Building a strategy

Just like in chess

We always think a few steps ahead, after understanding the Audience Your destination and market will be built with you A precise strategy that will transform

Watching for customers



Behind every good video is a winning creative 

We will create for you an attractive and innovative creative for each and every video. After our films, customers will not forget you easily



Do not jump into the water without a lifeguard

All our photography days include a director, who will accompany and manage the day of photography for you in the best possible way



And no, it's not just a man with a camera

Our photography days are planned down to the smallest details and include lighting according to the location, sound equipment and of course the most advanced photography equipment to suit your needs



Well, it's time for the artistic part

From the offline stage to the stage of creating special effects, sound editing, color editing, animations,   animations and what not.... We will know how to make your business the hottest thing on the net

Director of Photography


Shall we start working on your project? Fill in the details

And we will get back to you soon!

Thank you! We will get back to you soon.

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